Proofreading and Copyediting Services

For as long as I can remember I have been the obnoxious girl correcting the grammar of friends, families, and strangers. Now that I’m an adult, I realize this is not appropriate behavior but I couldn’t turn it completely off. Instead of offending everyone around me I have decided to use this skill to help authors on their way to getting books published.

Every author needs a good editor in their corner. Whether you are getting a manuscript ready to send to an agent or to self-publish, I hope to be that editor for you. I offer prices that are competitive but that doesn’t mean you won’t be getting quality work done for you. I read through each manuscript at least twice to ensure accuracy.

Proofreading should be the final step before publication. At this point, your work should be edited, formatted, and ready to go. This is a final read that will correct errors in punctuation, spelling, capitalization, grammar, verb tense, and formatting. If your book is truly ready for proofreading, you should not expect to see many changes made at this point.

Copyediting is more detailed than proofreading. It will include correcting errors in punctuation, spelling, capitalization, grammar, verb tense, sentence structure, word usage, and continuity of story or character details. Copyediting is looking to correct mechanical errors, not content. Major plot holes or other content issues may be addressed or queried to the author but not corrected. Prior to submitting a book for copyediting please ensure your book has been read by beta readers and their concerns have been addressed.

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